Search for the Blindeye

Ok. The most recent code (from Gideon Rises) was “Search for the blindeye.” This struck me as odd, and it got me thinking about how a lot of things in the show seem to revolve around one eye. 

  • Stan sometimes wears an eye patch
  • Lazy Susan has a lazy eye
  • Bill has one eye
  • Birch trees have the pattern of a single eye on them (as seen in Dreamscaperers)
  • Each journal has a monocle- like glasses but for one eye
  • We’ve all seen how Old Man McGucket’s eyes seem to wander, but what if one of them is actually looking in the right direction while the other isn’t real? That means he would have one eye

Does anyone have anything else to add? Maybe covering one eye is symbolic and has to do with the secret society. This is just something weird I noticed.

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