Gravity Falls Hidden Messages Decoded:



  • i bet you’re wondering who i aM
  • i don’t give up answers easY..
  • i kNow things. Fascinating things…
  • your reality is a game to me.and i like gAmes….
  • mischief is my Middle name. but not my first…..
  • thEre are six hints i will give you ……
  • 1 - there is a secret socIety in gravity falls…….
  • 2 - the handyman knowS more than you think……..
  • 3 - gideon has Been searching for something ………
  • 4 - what goes up Is sure to come down ……….
  • 5 - dipper is pLaying with fire ………..
  • 6 - i will be returning to gravity falLs ………..


If we take all of the individually capitalized letters from each hint we get:


My Name Is Bill

There is a secret society in gravity Falls

Soos has a secret and knows things we don’t

Gideon wants something and it’s located under The Mystery Shack

What goes up is sure to come down is a reference to the town’s name, Gravity Falls. Something to do with actual Gravity is important

Dipper is getting in over his head

and finally

Someone named Bill will be returning to Gravity Falls

Someone probably beat me to this someplace but….

I’m putting this here just in case

My god, I love this show.


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