Here is my theory, which may confuse you guys so read carefully. Firstly, in episode 1, remember what Dipper read in the journal? “It’s hard to believe it’s been 6 years since I began studying the strange and wonder secrets of Gravity Falls”. By the time the author wrote the 3rd volume, he had been in GF for 6 years. So I can assume that: After six years in GF, the author mysteriously disappeared. 10 or 15 years later (since the journal is quite old, I think it’s an acceptable period of time) Dipper came and found the book.

Okay, now move to the confusing part of my theory. Everyone here may have read the theory that Stan has a secret twin, right? Now take a look at these pictures from Stand’s memories (Episode 19). I’m pretty sure it’s Stan because these things were in his memories.

Young Stan, probably teenage Stan. See that girl? She is Carla “Hot Pants” McCorkle. Check the image below and tell if you find any difference. Notice that Stan was wearing the thin rim glasses.

Stan grew up. See Carla? She was saved by him when he was a teen and they were still hanging out. So Stan should be around 20 at that time. Notice that his shaved beard. And no glasses. Hm, I can’t seem to explain this detail so let’s skip it.

An older Stan. Base on his wrinkle, I guess he was 30-35. But still notice the shaved beard. No glasses again.

Stan was in prison. Maybe because he sold Stan Vac, LOL. He still had shaved beard and thin rim glasses. At this time, he was probably 40-45 since he look quite 60 or older for now.

Stan opened the wax museum “many years ago”. Since Sherlock Holmes and other wax men “have been waiting 10 years to get our revenge on Stan”, we can assume that Stan has been in GF for around 15-20 years.

Alright, so we have a brief story about Stan’s life. He met Carla when he was young and later on, he was sent to prison for selling Stan Vac. He may have come to GF after being free and then opened the wax museum. After shutting down his first business, he turned the shack into the Mystery Shack and has run it until now. But the important thing is that Stan has just been in GF for around 15-20 years.

Now, take a look at this

Everyone agree this is Stanley, Standford’s secret twin, right? I also agree with that theory. Look, no beard, thin rim glasses. I guess Standley and Standford used to wear same glasses but Standford later changed his glasses. That’s why the glasses symbol on Bill’s circle does not symbolize him. Okay, enough with the glasses. Here is my theory. See how old Stanley was? He was actually quite young, maybe 30 at that time, which means he has been in GF even longer than Stan and the author. Who knows, he might be the founder of GF secret society. After Stanford came, they have been searching for something in GF but then Standley disappeared. And now his brother is trying to save him by re-building the portal. But the question is: what did Stanley do while he was in GF?

See this in Carpet Diem? Have you ever asked yourselves: Why “Experiment 78”? What about the previous experiments? Stanley’s room doesn’t seem to have any place to hide them all. So my theory is that it was Stanley’s experiments that caused the paranormal in GF. Since he was quite smart to make this carpet, he may also have made the crystals that change height in episode 11, the powerful game machine in episode 10 or the bottomless pit in episode 14….. Maybe these experiments were accidently spread around the town, caused the paranormal and resulted in Stanley’s disappearance. Years later, when the author came, he and Stanford have been working on the portal to save Stanley. However the author also disappeared and it’s up to Stan to find the books to save them.

So, it was quite a long theory. Thanks for your patience :)

Interesting scenes: Does the thing on your left look familiar?

Yes, it does!


Stan has a secret twin….

Alright, I’ve seen many videos on this and i’m just going to try to compile all the info into 1 submission. My biggest reasons to lead me to believe that stan has a twin is:

  • STNLYMBL liscence plate
  • "Experiment 78" room
  • Bill Chiper Wheel, Glasses and Fez
  • Flash backs

1, STNLYMBL) STNLYMBL is short for stanley mobile, (i think we can ALL agree on that) and from Gideon calling Stan; Stanford we know that Stanley isn’t his name so why would he have a liscence plate with stanley on it? The fact is it isn’t his! It’s his brother, Stanley’s.

2, Experiment 78 room) If you look at the scene where they enter “the room” for the first time Stan seems unusually grumpy about them finding it but then picks up glasses that aren’t his (you can tell by the rim difference) without saying a word. He is later seen staring at them with a “longing” look.

3, Bill Chiper Wheel, Glasses and Fez) So we’ve all seen the wheel with all the symbols on it and that they only correspond with one person. So why do 2 things relate to stan? They don’t, as I mentioned earlier stanley had glasses with a thinner rim, and stan has his fez…

4, Flash backs) If you look at the flash back of stan boxing, there is a boy in the backround reading a book with; the same hair doo, same floppy hair thing, same boxing helmet, same body shape.

Well, that’s my proof. Believe it or not that should be overwhelming evidence to prove that stanford has a brother/twin named stanley.

P.S. When Stan says “we” so much in the final scenes of season 1 may be because he is using the portal device to go back in time and make right with his brother. Just a sub-though….


yo-lusus-so-fat said: Could we post theories/stuff we decoded on this blog please? The pieced-together picture is a much bigger deal than people credit it for. (Not to sound rude or demanding)

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At the end of each short from Dipper’s Guide to the Unexplained, a cryptic image flashes for mere fractions of a second. Every episode had a different image after it that seems to form an overall image. The complete image appears to be a singular eye with a red x through it. This points to a particularly sinister and mysterious order according to the local Gravity Falls library. Once aligned, the images also reveal a cryptic message and a strange numerical code appears in each shot. Thanks to the minds of the community, we know how to decode the numbers and are working towards their true meaning.

Along the bottom of the image in the original Caesar Cipher. Using the method of three letters back, it says


This message refers to the way to decode the numbers placed around each image. Much the the dismay of Alex Hirsch, we already knew how to decode these thanks to the method originally found by menkomaster shortly after the first shorts aired. Using the method discovered, each number with a parenthesis “)” after it denotes which episode’s ending credits to use while the numbers after in the same bracket refer to which letter of the decoded message to use. Once decoded, we are given the following message.


So what does it all mean and what’s it’s true purpose? We do not know at this time. Perhaps once the image and it’s messages are complete, we can surmise something of importance. Stay tuned as the shorts continue to air and check back for updated messages and information as it’s discovered.

Fun Facts
-The second short to air, Stan’s Tattoo, mentioned the mysterious order whose symbol is “a eye with a red X through it.” The completed image from the end of each of the shorts form this order’s symbol. 
-The method used to decode the numbers in each image is similar to modified Beale Cipher we previously saw used in the website used from Sept 5 until Sept 13.
-According to Disney, the order of the shorts is determined by the image flashed at the end. This make’s Stan’s Tattoo short number 4 and Lefty would be short number 6. The last short to air, The Hide Behind would be short number 3 as it contains the top-right image.

This post will be updated each day with more information until the short are done.

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(9/20/13)CATCH YOU ON THE FLIPSIDE We are back to DEMON. Oh and less than two weeks until October First!




We are back to DEMON. Oh and less than two weeks until October First!

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Dear Gravity Falls Fan Base:


Thank you for not being batshit insane.  You have created an inviting atmosphere filled with enjoyable mystery and speculation from individuals that share a common interest in unlocking the secrets of a surprisingly complex, multifaceted animated program.

Stay beautiful, Gravity Falls fans, and never lose your spirit of adventure.


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galacticsage said: I was wondering if anyone has found out that viewing the source code on the website the mystery of gravity falls pops up with a ASCII of Waddles and says there's several secrets on the page, one being that when you type in the konami( up up down down left right left right b a enter ) code it pops up with the mackerel symbol and a bunch of meowing cats.



8-5 8-1-19 1 23-5-1-11-14-5-19-19, 21-19-5 9-20 1-7-1-9-14-19-20 8-9-13YOU'RE SMARTER THAN YOU LOOK. SOMETIMES ANYWAYS.2-6,35-2,10-3,20-4,5-2,34-1,20-11,31-2,7,9-1,1-3,29-5,13-1,14-3,1-1
The top cipher decodes to “HE HAS A WEAKNESS, USE IT AGAINST HIM.” The bottom cipher decodes to “LIFE IMITATES ART.”


8-5 8-1-19 1 23-5-1-11-14-5-19-19, 21-19-5 9-20 1-7-1-9-14-19-20 8-9-13

The top cipher decodes to “HE HAS A WEAKNESS, USE IT AGAINST HIM.” The bottom cipher decodes to “LIFE IMITATES ART.”

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New bill.gif alt text says “12-3-10-23-4-15-21.” Decodes to “LUNATIC.”


New bill.gif alt text says “12-3-10-23-4-15-21.” Decodes to “LUNATIC.”

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